Ryan Shellady

Ryan Shellady is the co-host and producer of See id. and a co-founder of Not Suspicious Media. Born and raised in small town Iowa, Ryan graduated from Iowa City City High before moving onto the University of Iowa, graduating with a B.A. in Ethics & Public Policy, thereafter moving to . . . the University of Iowa College of Law, where is is currently a third-year student. He’ll probably get out of Iowa City eventually.


Luke Cole

Luke Cole is the co-host of See id. and a co-founder of Not Suspicious Media. Luke graduated from the University of Wyoming where he grew weary of the wild west. To escape the dusty Wyoming saloons and ranches, Luke moved to the Midwest where he met Herbert Hovenkamp . . . the rest is history.


Victoria Vaughn

Victoria Vaughn is the host of Turn Up the Heat and co-founder of Not Suspicious Media. Victoria grew up in Coralville, IA and graduated from Regina High School in Iowa City. She—finally—graduates from the University of Iowa in December with degrees in marketing and journalism. She’s also getting a puppy. It’s a big deal.


Dan Vaughn

Dan Vaughn is the music director and producer for Not Suspicious Media. Dan graduated from St. Ambrose University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. If you hear a theme song on our podcasts, Dan made it from scratch! He also hosts his own YouTube channel called “Dan at the Movies.” His favorite movie is definitely E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and he definitely added this fact to his bio, not Ryan.


Mike Sylvester

Mike is the head writer of our blog, "The Reel Movie Reviewer” and the host of the annual Sylvester Oscar Challenge. His life story is perfectly normal and not suspicious. He was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. Then, he moved to Des Moines, Iowa at age 14. He graduated from the University of Iowa, interned in Montreal, Quebec, interned in Washington D.C. and now works full time in Des Moines. Wait… What? Why? Well to answer your questions, all of this was made possible thanks to his Mom’s various job transfers. Amidst all of this traveling, one talent of his stood out with people no matter where he went: His uncanny ability to sit in a dark room in front of a big screen and give casual observations about stuff that happened on that screen while sounding only slightly pretentious. He hopes to bring that skillset to the team on a weekly basis.


Elijah Jones

Elijah is the co-host of The Off-Screen Review, and is an Iowa City native and current undergraduate student at the University of Iowa in Theatre Arts. After graduating at Iowa City High, he spent time working in Los Angeles on film and television shows including Life In Pieces and Grey's Anatomy, as well as being an intern for The Second City Hollywood. He returned home to enroll at the University to work on his craft: acting. Elijah has a passion for theatre and film, and is excited to bring his perspective to listeners AROUND THE GLOBE. Elijah also loves playing guitar, writing songs and short plays, and procrastinating. He will expand upon this bio someday, he's sure.