Golden Globes 2018 : Surprises and Snubs

The Golden Globes Film Nominations 2019: The Surprises and the Snubs

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It’s that wonderful time of year again—when celebrities get belligerently drunk and hand out awards to different movies like it’s free candy. The first major awards show of the year, the Golden Globes, airing Sunday, January 6th, recently came out with their nominations. As someone who never watches TV, I didn’t care for any of the nominations in those twelve categories. However, as an amateur movie enthusiast, I was psyched to see the nominees for their respective categories. In case you missed it, here is the complete list of all of the nominees


People often ask, “What is the difference between the Golden Globes and the Oscars?” Well, other than the fact the Globes focuses on both movies and TV shows as opposed to just movies, the committees that decide the winners are very different from one another. Decisions related to the awards for the Golden Globes comes from an organization called “The Hollywood Foreign Press,” which is made up of approximately 90 journalists from different countries. The Academy Awards, on the other hand, are decided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), an organization made up of approximately 6,000 members from various walks of show business life. So you could say that, yes, there is a bit of a difference between these two famous shows.


The Golden Globes also sorts films into categories: Drama and Comedy/Musical. This distinction allows for it to recognize more films, and because of that, it is not always the best indicator for what ends up winning the grand prize at the Academy Awards. 


On that note, let’s delve into the surprises, the snubs, and my preliminary predictions for each film category:

The Surprises


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“Bohemian Rhapsody” overtook “First Man” for a nomination for best film – Drama – Although I had fun watching “Bohemian Rhapsody,” I thought the shallow nature of the film would disqualify it from any major nominations. I still doubt it will get nominated for “Best Picture” at the Oscars, but wow, was this quite the upset, especially given the strong aesthetic depth of “First Man.”


Rosamund Pike Secures a nomination for best actress – Drama – I barely even knew this film existed, let alone would land a nomination in an actress category. I did enjoy Rosamund Pike in “Gone Girl” back in 2014, so I can live with it.


“BlacKkKlansmen” over performs in nominations – Nominations for “ Best Screenplay”, “Best Supporting Actor” (Adam Driver) and “Best Picture – Drama” were all to be expected. However, I did not anticipate in a million years John David Washington landing a nomination for “Best Actor – Drama”, nor did I expect Spike Lee to land a nomination for “Best Director.” I thought the direction of the movie was all over the place, and I am not a fan of this decision by the Hollywood Foreign Press to reward his work. Personally, I think this is more so a case of them rewarding someone who went overtly political as opposed to whether or not it was, objectively speaking, a well directed film.  


“Vice” led the way with six nominations – The trailer for this film looks ABSOLUTELY EPIC, but to lead the way with six nominations? That’s more than “A Star is Born” and “Green Book.” I didn’t realize that people had even seen this movie yet, let alone could nominate it for that many categories. Regardless, I am so excited to watch this film when it comes out on Christmas day. Hopefully it does not disappoint.

The Snubs

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Sam Elliott from “A Star is Born” missed out on a “Best Supporting Actor” nod – Never in a million years would I suspect Sam Elliott missing out on this category, especially given his powerful performance. He showed great range and sympathy, making it odd that he missed out. Granted, all of the nominees this time around for “Best Supporting Actor” are strong, so I will be curious to see if he beats out any of these five at future awards shows.


“Widows” snubbed in almost all major categories – The only nomination it received related to “Best Score.” Hans Zimmer nailed it so that deserved a nod, but if it cannot break through at the Globes, that does not bode well at all for it at the Oscars. While it was less of a given to get a nomination for “Best film – Drama”, Viola Davis missing out on “Best Actress – Drama” served as a MAJOR snub for “Widows.” She turned in a great performance, and even though “Widows” tanked at the box office, Davis should get recognition over Rosamund Pike in “A Private War” and Nicole Kidman in “Destroyer.” Seriously, who actually watched those films? Well, now that I think about it, I guess the 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press took the time to sit through them. 


“A Star is Born” misses out on “Best Screenplay” – Come Oscar time, there are two screenplay categories, so if it misses out then, then that’s the real snub. However, I thought the song writing for that alone would push it over the edge this time around.


If the Globes were held today: My predictions:


Generally, I tend to stick to predicting the Oscars. The Hollywood Foreign Press is an incredibly unpredictable entity, and as mentioned earlier, their picks do not indicate whether or not a movie will succeed at the Academy Awards. With that said, if I were to guess, these will be the film winners in each category if the Golden Globes were held today:   


Best Motion Picture – Drama: “A Star is Born” – From the wonderful soundtrack, to the in-depth dialogue, to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s memorable acting performances, “A Star is Born” delivered on all fronts. Of all of the nominees in this category, it is, objectively speaking, the best movie.


Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical: “Green Book” –. The characters, the dialogue, and the acting all made an impression on me. I absolutely loved this movie from start to finish, and I hope it takes home the big prize.


Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language: “Roma” – It would take nothing short of a miracle for “Roma” to lose this category, given the fact that it is the only foreign language film getting any mainstream recognition whatsoever in Hollywood.


Best Motion Picture – Animated: “Incredibles 2” – Of all the nominees in this category, this is the only film I actually saw. Given the themes this movie portrayed and the snappy dialogue, I have a hard time believing any of the others could de-throne it.


Best Director – Alfonso Cuaron (“Roma”) – The Hollywood Foreign press loves to reward passion projects for this category, as well as people from foreign countries (the Hollywood FOREIGN Press likes to reward foreigners, who knew?). Since “Roma” was a giant passion project for Alfonso Cuaron, and with many labeling this film as a “masterpiece”, I would be stunned if they rewarded “Best Director” to someone else. 


Best Screenplay – Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie (“Green Book”) – A lot of people are saying this category belongs to “The Favourite.” I could totally see it taking home the hardware for this category. However, I have never seen this film, and “Green Book” and its awesome dialogue blew me away, so my hope is that they reward it to them instead.


Best Actor – Drama – Bradley Cooper (“A Star is Born”) – His portrayal of someone struggling with addiction was top notch. The dynamic range of emotions he portrayed should push him over the edge in this case.


Best Actress – Drama – Lady Gaga (“A Star is Born”) – While I would argue that she relied a lot on her singing/performing abilities in this film, she still electrified nonetheless. She definitely deserves the award for this category.


Best Actor – Comedy/Musical – Christian Bale (“Vice”) – As much as I enjoyed Viggo Mortensen’s performance in “Green Book,” Christian Bale underwent an insane transformation for this film. He is barely recognizable as Dick Cheney, and given the propensity to reward actors for their drastic changes, this is his to lose.


Best Actress – Comedy/Musical - Olivia Colman (“The Favourite”) – “The Favourite” is the only A list quality movie in this category, which makes Olivia Colman the logical choice to win it. Watch out for Elsie Fisher in “Eighth Grade,” but really, I should not be making a prediction in this category because Elsie Fisher is the only one I can actually evaluate. Regardless, screw the haters; I am going with a performance I have yet to actually see… Sue me. Plus, I will eventually get around to seeing it most likely before the Globes so I can justify this decision.


Best Supporting Actor – Mahershala Ali (“Green Book”) – Ali KILLED it across the board in “Green Book” and should be a shoe in for this award.


Best Supporting Actress – Claire Foy (“First Man”) – Her range in this film was impeccable, and quite frankly, this is the only acting performance I have actually watched of all of the nominees in this category so far. Yes, I did predict Olivia Colman in an earlier category (a performance I have yet to see), and it is a big possibility that Regina King in “If Beale Street Could Talk” (yet another film I have yet to see) takes this.  But in this case, Foy put on a performance that warrants winning this award.


Best Original Score – Ludwig Goransson (“Black Panther”)  - This category should come down to “Black Panther” and “First Man,” with “Mary Poppins” being the dark horse. I generally do not like predicting people who I have not actually seen perform, so that rules out “Mary Poppins” (my goodness there are still a lot of movies I need to see). Between “First Man” and “Black Panther,” I found “Black Panther” and its score to be far more memorable and unique.


Best Original Song – “Shallow” (“A Star is Born”) – This song stuck with me days on end after the movie and was incredibly powerful.


Be sure to tune into The Golden Globes, hosted by Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh Sunday January 6th on NBC.